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28 September 2011: SH: UK equities: volatility is an opportunity

Strong balance sheets and cheap valuations provide capital protection and significant potential upside.

Kevin Murphy; Nick Kirrage; (Specialist Value UK Equity Fund managers)

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    Fuelled by dispiriting news from both sides of the Atlantic, equities have fallen significantly in recent months. A number of leading short-term macro-economic indicators, on which the market places great significance, have begun to weaken – leading to fears that the economy will slide back into recession.

    Given the global profit cycle is being driven by many diverse factors, forecasting the shape of the current recovery is exceptionally difficult. As long-term investors, we have learned that trying to second guess short-term trends, and using these to position portfolios, seldom delivers returns. Instead, we try to stand back from the market and attempt to identify long-term trends that we can use to create long-term value: placing emphasis on cash-generative businesses with robust balance sheets, strong management teams, and cheap valuations.

    The impact of falling markets on business and consumer confidence is not to be ignored, but equally neither is the significant improvement in corporate health. Many businesses have cut costs, improved cash generation, repaired their balance sheets, and are delivering robust profits, leaving them in far better financial shape than they were in three years ago. This financial strength provides a ‘margin of safety’, enabling companies to weather tough trading conditions without permanent losses of value. The economic outlook is cloudy at best –  and poor at worst – yet valuations in many parts of the market now discount much of the bad news. In aggregate terms, the valuation of UK equities appears to offer reasonable, if unexceptional, future returns from today’s levels. However, this hides certain stocks and sectors with securely financed balance sheets, offering reasonable growth and rising dividends that trade at extremely attractive prices.

    Historically, profit cycles have proved to be an extended phenomenon. However they can be uneven, with profits slipping back before they resume their improving trend. We remain convinced that many domestic companies will be able to achieve significantly higher profit levels in the coming years, and that current share price pressures present an opportunity rather than a risk.


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     Source: IFAWorld – Schroders

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